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Name:Stratos Caelus
A skilled mage serving as a tribune of the Imperial Legion. Officially assigned to train an auxiliary unit specialising in confronting magical threats, and recently stationed in the province of Skyrim. Supplements his relatively light duties with magical and administrative support to the Solitude garrison. Favours the schools of Alteration and Destruction, and does quite a bit of stargazing when he can make time.

In person he’s a serious, quiet-spoken Imperial - perhaps a touch aloof, a little over-zealous in his duties. A surprisingly good listener, though. People tend to calm down when they’re talking to him, and when you get his attention he has a very patient streak…

It’s possible he’s better at illusion spells than he pretends. But of course, he’s never been caught casting one.

In-character contact post is here, and OOC contact can be made via PM or via this post.

Original Character for TES: Skyrim. Current PB is Peter Gadiot, icons from fanaticons
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