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Background Information

- His entire family and 90% of his ancestors are Legion – either mages or regular legionnaires with the odd craftsperson thrown in. Stratos never had to question where his duties lay or what was expected of him, and joined up as soon as his family could spare him. He has a brother some ten years his junior, of whom he seldom speaks and often disapproves. But still supplies with documentation.

- He was born near Bruma shortly before the Great War with the Aldmeri Dominion. By the time it ended it had halved his extended family, crippled his uncle and left his country in chaos. He (and shortly afterwards his younger brother) were most often left in his uncle’s care while the surviving adults served their part in the Legion, helping to restore order. His mother was killed a few years later while helping to reclaim Colovia’s roads from a particularly stubborn bandit chief.

- He has lived most of his life under the Concordat and the increasingly watchful eyes of the Thalmor, while being brought up to revere the Empire and its patron god. Patience, discretion and a degree of restraint are things he’s had practice with. Most people simply aren’t important enough to trouble himself over anyway.

- Regarding the Thalmor, he makes quiet promises to himself. Since joining General Tullius's staff and finding himself the officer most often free to attend to Thalmor invitations and 'requests', he makes them daily.

- Openly, he follows Julianos and Stendarr, with regular respects paid to Akatosh and Kynareth. He may even speak disparagingly of Talos-worshippers, although he tends to simply avoid the discussion. Like all legionary officers he assumes he’s under casual surveillance by the Thalmor, and strives to keep it as casual as possible. Fortunately he barely needs to exaggerate his disgust with the Stormcloaks.

- Above all, he works toward one agenda: the next war against the Dominion is coming, and the Empire desperately needs to rebuild its position before them. They need allies, they need resources, and they really need the Thalmor to be ignorant. To that end, Stratos is actively recruiting outsiders and trying to build connections – not always under his own name (or face) and certainly not to attack the Dominion’s interests. Not directly. Not yet.

- He’ll offer contracts, and resources, and send you on missions. He may not give his real identity and he will never tell you all of his reasons, or all of the consequences: it might be a test, and you may or may not be the one tested. He covers his tracks, downplays his abilities, and keeps his correspondence (apparently) spotless. In turn, he knows there are others whose plans he doesn’t know. That’s good. After all, everyone remembers what happened to the Blades.

Primary Abilities

Alteration: is Stratos’s stated specialisation: he has particular talent for magic based on altering the physical properties of objects and the world around him. This includes spells to create light, to protect himself with magical armour, to alter the weight of objects and see the life energies around him, as well as telekinesis, waterbreathing and inflicting temporary paralysis.

Destruction: As a battlemage, Stratos has a sound understanding of the destructive elements and can cast a basic frost or firebolt spell without much trouble; however, lightning spells respond most readily to him, and he can cloak himself in a small cloud of lightning or throw lightning bolts with relative ease. (It’s still more taxing for him than a fire or frost mage using their specialist element.)

Illusion: Stratos will claim he knows just enough illusion to do a tiny bit of clairvoyance and calm his horse. He certainly can’t create high-level illusions, sway intelligent minds in a more favourable direction, or cloak himself from sight and sound. What use would that be to a humble tribune? In fact, you didn’t even read this paragraph.

Restoration: His knowledge is limited to basic healing spells, wards and repelling weak forms of undead. Frankly, it’s more efficient to use a sword.

Other: Astronomy and the magical influence of the stars are pet interests of his, and the closest his studies come to pure academia. He has working knowledge of alchemy and enchantments, but largely geared towards brewing those potions and maintaining enchantments commonly required by soldiers officers in the field. He’s far too busy disapproving of conjuration to ever practice it. He knows perfectly well how to use a shortsword, and can even pick up a bow if he has to although he rarely finds time to brush up on his marksmanship. In an emergency he can reliably shoot something other than his foot. This is sufficient.