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Stratos Caelus ([personal profile] auspex_caelo) wrote2015-12-04 04:08 pm
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Alignment of Interest [for Isidor Durant [personal profile] heirtothedragonsfire]

By now Stratos quite expects to find the forum desk unattended. He doesn’t bother to be annoyed. Wherever he is and whether or not he knows it, Felix is doing his job. That’s what matters. Besides, his little brother needs friends. It’s in his nature. Friends from other realms are hardly ideal, but they’re all he’s likely to get in the foreseeable future. Stratos accepts that.

At least they’re all mortal so far.

He stands by the table, hood around his shoulders and expression unreadable while he flips through the log book. One has to use that term advisedly, given the proportion of scribbles, doodles and indecipherable shorthand contained within. Deliberate carelessness. He allows himself a sigh.

Without anything particularly interesting in the recent entries, he keeps an eye out for any forum-goers who might approach.

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