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Alignment of Interest [for Isidor Durant [personal profile] heirtothedragonsfire]

By now Stratos quite expects to find the forum desk unattended. He doesn’t bother to be annoyed. Wherever he is and whether or not he knows it, Felix is doing his job. That’s what matters. Besides, his little brother needs friends. It’s in his nature. Friends from other realms are hardly ideal, but they’re all he’s likely to get in the foreseeable future. Stratos accepts that.

At least they’re all mortal so far.

He stands by the table, hood around his shoulders and expression unreadable while he flips through the log book. One has to use that term advisedly, given the proportion of scribbles, doodles and indecipherable shorthand contained within. Deliberate carelessness. He allows himself a sigh.

Without anything particularly interesting in the recent entries, he keeps an eye out for any forum-goers who might approach.
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Unlike her brother, Isidor lacks the convenience of being able to summon her own portal to hop back and forth to and from the Nexus. So she's resolved to make every trip count. For now there is more than enough to investigate. High on her list of curiosities is the mention of mysterious 'portal border controls' or one being manned by several people. It's difficult to tell. What isn't difficult to notice is that trying to regulate portal use is clearly not something done much here.

The only show of trepidation is in her slow steps as she examines different portals from a safe distance, though that could equally be discounted as caution. Not entirely incorrectly, either.

That's when she spots the stranger by a table. The only small glimmer of organisation in this section of the Nexus. Sights set, she puts on a sweet smile and approaches the man. "Hello."
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It's a safe bet to mimic greetings, so she also sticks to a polite bowing of her head. The introduction also makes smiling easier. Name, rank and affiliation. There's a pleasant familiarity to that approach.

"Nice to meet you, Tribune Caelus." She's not certain if that's the right form of address, but it's a fair shot at it. "I'm Isidor Durant, Patron of Viatorus Durant. My brother, Viatorus, has been in the Nexus for a while, but I've only come here recently. Samus Aran said you might be able to give me a few answers, a few ideas."
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"Isidor is fine." She smiles and takes a breath before she gets down to business. "My brother is a mage, and he found the Nexus by reworking a spell. For... political reasons we can't keep that spell entirely secret, although we're doing our best to be careful of who has access to it. Miss Aran helped us work on personal security for my brother, and when I explained that I was looking for ways to control who came in and out of the Nexus from my world, she mentioned you."
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"You may." Some of the most important work is done with over a drink, and it might help deal with trying to navigate the Nexus. She folds her hands in front of her, waiting for him to indicate which direction to go. "Is it alright to leave no one at the desk?"
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Waiting is easy enough. There's nothing at the desk to distract her. Really, the more interesting thing is the small show of magic and how confidently he navigated the Nexus. She's happy to stay quiet and make notes for now.

There's no mistaking her awkwardness in a place like this. It's an experience, quaint, and she'll persist in keeping a hold of her pleasant smile. She can handle new surroundings. Resisting the urge to flinch when the inn's patrons risk bumping into her is the hard part.

A split second is dedicated to deciding where to sit and then she chooses to keep an eye on who might come close to their table. She takes her seat with a small bow of her head, a bright smile and a word of thanks. "You've picked a good table. Do you come here often?"
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"Flavoursome," she comments with a quirk of her lips. "That sounds lovely."

Casting an eye over the menu for future reference, she soon sets it down again. Today she will follow his suggestion, since it's not alien and taking advice is an easy way to inject some trust into a relationship.

Carefully curbing her eagerness, she stays quiet, waiting for Stratos to instigate the next part of the conversation. She doesn't want to waste her time, but she can afford to invest some patience into security matters. Besides, she wouldn't mind taking time to see if she's found a like-minded member of the Nexus. Worryingly, most others seem to favour utopoian attitudes and ideas.
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The waitress gets little more than a glance as Isidor gives her order, then all eyes are on Stratos. Servants are something she's more than used to, and ignoring them is a habit. It needs to be, when they're moving around you so often.

She smiles at the man across from her and nods, folding her hands and remaining attentive. "Of course. Ask as much as you need to."
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That line of questioning raises a carefully shaped eyebrow. Nevertheless, she nods, taps one finger, and considers where best to start from. "Magic is common in my world, but hidden. Small acts are easily disguised for those who don't know of it, and there are plenty of people like that. Mages aren't common. We have our circles, our networks, but the world at large doesn't know about us. We are a fiction, a fairy tale."

She takes a moment before continuing. "My family is part of one of the largest, most influential bloodlines in magical history. We're scholars. Researchers. And we do that well. We know the value of knowledge, and we know it has to be protected. Which is why I am talking to you today."
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Isidor smiles in turn, taking a deep breath and shifting her weight before she answers. "The short version? Status quo. A long time ago, people decided that magic was either non-existent or damning. They came out on top in the events that followed, and staying hidden gives us more of an advantage than fighting for recognition ever would."

Here, she tilts her head at him, curious, and still smiling. "Have you ever had witch hunts in your world?"